Specialist Dental Accountants



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Our policy for pricing our services is that once we have a clear scope of the services you require from MW Partners, we will quote a fixed fee or enter a fixed fee agreement with you. We believe our clients prefer this method rather than the old fashioned “time taken at hourly rate” because they don’t get charged for inefficiency, can budget for an agreed amount and generally don’t get any surprise or unexpected bills.

All prices are GST inclusive.

Employee with various other income, deductions $231 – $550
Individual and rental property
Employee with various other income, deductions and rental property details $385 – $770


Dentist with cash book and bank statements
$880 – $1,980
Dental Practice with a few employees. Accounts either by cash book or on MYOB, Quicken or spreadsheet. Must involve interim accounts.
$2,750 – $5,500
$2m plus sales with a reasonable number of employees, computer accounts. Involves transactions with other corporate structures such as a service trust. Must involve interim accounts.
$ 6,600 –$13,200
Investment company / trust involving shares and /or property. May involve investment in related parties.
$1,100 – $2,750
Annual Return fee charged by ASIC $246 pa
Maintenance of corporate secretarial register and preparation of mandatory minutes of meeting $200


Dentist with Business Worksheet / Dental Contractor
$550 – $1,100
Medium business
Dental practice with a reasonable number of employees, computer accounts. Involves interim accounts.
$2,750 – $6,600


Category 1
With rental property
$1,650 – $3,300
Category 2
Share investment / Managed Funds
$1,980 – $3,850
Additional Fee charged by ASIC
Additional Fee charged by ATO
$236 pa
$180 pa
Audit Fees
Actuarial Certificate
$550 – $990
$220 – $660


BAS / IAS / GST $165 – $550
ABN / GST registration
Company Incorporation (inclusive of all legal & ASIC Fees)
Establishment of Trust with corporate trustee (inclusive of all legal, stamp duty & ASIC fees)
Establish Self Managed Super Fund including corporate trustee
$4,400 – $7,700
Business Name Registration – 3 year (ASIC fee included) $220
Business Name Renewal – 3 year (ASIC fee included) $220
MYOB Live Chart of Accounts Set up $495
Successful remission of penalties $110 – $330



New Dental Practice Accounting Package
Click here for detailed description
Employee / Contractor Package $990 – $1,650
Practice Purchase –  including;  review of contract, corporate structure advice, tax advice and assistance with finance application and structure $1,650 -$5,500
Corporate Re-structure – Tax Planning $990 – $2,750
Buying a Business – Appraisal (not valuation)  $990
Business / Practice Evaluation  $990 – $2,750