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Bitcoin, AI and the Future of Healthcare

Bitcoin, Ai and the Future of Healthcare

More cost-effective, accessible, and higher quality Healthcare globally Do you know that this could be within our reach in our own lifetime?

On the 15th of October, we are going to explain in simple terms the technology that underlies the use of Bitcoin.  Bitcoin has captured the imagination of individuals, companies and countries across the world.  Blockchain technology is the underlying software algorithm that makes it work.

Our first speaker, Amin Rafiee has been involved with Bitcoin since 2013.  He has seen the numerous rises and falls of the popularity of the first cryptocurrency ever created.  Amin will talk about his own experience and the importance of "self-education".  Being able to have full control of your money also comes with its own responsibilities.

Our second speaker, Albert Gigl, is an experienced accountant with 40 years of industry expertise with dentists and doctors as his predominant clients.  Albert is going to talk about using "digital finance" platforms such as Healthera AI, particularly for asset purchases.  The future of finance is rapidly changing, and Albert will speak candidly about his observations in the changing world of finance

Our final speakers, Rahul Reddy and Zauraiz Alamgeer have very diverse backgrounds.  Rahul's clinical background as a dentist, previous multi-clinic owner and now industry-level management consultant, has enabled him to recognise the potential of new technologies to transform the dental and healthcare industry globally.  Zauraiz has a deep knowledge of academic background related to the field of AI.  He will share some of his observations about how dentists and doctors could utilise AI for the benefits of patients.  They will speak about the "convergence"  of difference technologies, which will ultimately transform traditional Healthcare models.

Now, more than ever, healthcare professionals have a responsibility to "go digital".  Digital data is required for better AI software algorithms, which will improve diagnosis and treatment planning (which includes prescription of medications).  Patients will demand the open and free access to their data.  And collectively, we need to shift the curve from analog to digit within 5 - 10 years.  Adoptions of digital finance and currencies will be the first step towards this new future
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Bitcoin, AI and the Future of Healthcare

Date: 15/10/21
Fortitude Valley

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