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The Year 2020

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The Year 2020

What a start to 2020!  Both our Melbourne and Qld Offices reopened yesterday (6th January 2020), ready for what the new year brings us. 

Ordinarily this time of year are usually full of festivities and well wishes for the start of a new year, and while we still want to wish you a happy new year, sadly this is not going to be the case for many Australians, and we want to remain respectful of that.

So instead we wish you a year of Spirit.  Good old-fashioned Australian Spirit.

The spirit of communities that come together to help each other.  The spirit of mateship.  Where volunteers have reached the point of utter exhaustion and yet can still muster up the spirit to keep helping / keep fighting.     Your inner strength to take each and every day as it comes & continue on when times are bleak.  And when good times roll around – well I think Aussies do it best when it comes to celebrating loudly and proudly.

Wishing you a year of proud Aussie Spirit

Albert Gigl