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Managing Your Special Needs Patients

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Managing Your Special Needs Patients

Last month, we were delighted to hold an MW Partners Special Presentation for the ADAVB’s “Managing Special Needs Patients” full day seminar at the Novotel.

We invited Paediatric Speech Pathologist, Lauren Naish, to explain the benefits of using ACC devices (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) within your dental practice.

As a dentist, by using ACC devices, you are able to effectively communicate with your special needs patient. Through these devices & boards you are able to ask questions in a way that the patient can understand. In turn, the patient is then able to answer using similar methods. For you, this means that you can often get a clearer picture of any dental issues the patient has from the outset. It also provides a way for you to communicate to the patient what the treatment will be. This can often reduce patient anxiety, as they will know what the expectations are.

It was a pleasure working with Lauren, and we were thrilled to receive such positive feedback from the attending dentists of the value they received from this presentation.

Lauren has kindly given us PDF’s of some ACC boards.  If you would like to receive a copy of these for your use, please email allison@mwpartners.com.au


Albert Gigl

Principal, MW Partners – Specialist Dental Accountants.